Worst jobs for your health

Study looks at which professions tend to have workers with weaker health habits

(CNN) – Work often times is hard and is hard on your health but a recent study has determined certain professions wear us down more than others.

Overall, our work lives seem to be busier than ever but the American Heart Association says some professions seem to be taking more of a toll on our health than others.

Here’s a few of the occupations where researchers say workers tend to have less healthy habits.

Sales positions: The news here is not great. 68% of the salespeople in the study had poor eating habits and 69% had unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Police officers and firefighters: They keep us safe but researchers say police officers and firefighters aren’t safeguarding their own health. A shocking 90% of them in the study were considered overweight or even obese. 35% had high blood pressure.

And perhaps not surprisingly, people who work with food. 79% of food workers in the study were found to have poor diets.

If you’re concerned your job is taking a toll on your well-being, experts recommend sensible changes, such as bringing your own healthy lunch to work and even consider setting aside half your lunch hour for a walk.

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