There have been 4 break-ins in 2 days across Hampshire County

The suspects are kicking in the front doors during the day time

SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – There have been several house break-ins in Hampshire County this past week.

Police are now urging residents to keep an eye out for anyone or anything that might look suspicious in their neighborhood.

The recent break-ins stretch across Hampshire County.

Southampton Police Chief Michael Goyette told 22News over the past few days, residents in Southampton, Westhampton, and Easthampton have had their houses broken into.

On Thursday, two houses in Southampton and Westhampton were broken into at some point during the day. When police got there, the front door of both houses were either kicked in or forced open.

Then, on Friday, the exact same thing happened at two houses in Southampton and Easthampton. Those break-ins also showed signs of forced entry.

Chief Goyette said none of these residents were home at the time, which is why police believe the suspects are checking to see if anyone is home before they force their way in.

Police haven’t yet released information on where exactly these break-ins have occurred.

They also haven’t said whether they have any suspects in mind, but they are urging residents to take steps to stay safe.

Chief Goyette said if someone knocks on your door, and you answer, they might make up a story so you don’t suspect anything.

They could ask you about the address, a certain person living there, or advice to help them find their lost dog.

He said residents should report anyone or any vehicle in their neighborhood that looks suspicious.

You should also keep your doors locked, and if you have an alarm, make sure to set it whenever you leave the house.

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