Trump vs. Rubio: Presidential candidates duke it out

Will the bitter rivals start rapping their insults?

(CNN) – From sweat to spray tan, who insults best, Trump or Rubio? They’re fighting like mean girls.

Which of the following is not an actual 2016 campaign insult?

A – “Maybe make sure his pants weren’t wet.”

B – “A guy like Rubio’s a baby.”

C – “What, are you gonna cry now? C’mon, cry baby, cry for me.”

The answer is C, though the electorate should be crying over what’s become. A schoolboy fight for the presidency. But instead of flinging mud, the Donald is flinging water bottles, imitating a dry-mouthed Rubio, with a tendency to sweat bullets.

Watch the video above for the best of Trump and Rubio’s feud.

Some compare the race to Mean Girls.

What’s next, will the bitter rivals start rapping their insults?

The candidates may hate the press but they’re starting to sound like Anchorman. At least Rubio and Trump aren’t whacking each other with antennas yet.

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