Several bills stuck in committees as elections draw closer

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – We are in an Election Year, which means many state representatives and senators are anxiously waiting to see if anyone pulls nominations papers to challenge them. House and Senate leaders typically avoid controversial issues until after the elections, waiting for a new legislative session.

There are several bills currently stuck in conference committees as state lawmakers struggle to work out a compromise. That includes a much needed solution for the spike in opioid and heroin overdose deaths here in Massachusetts.

Westfield State Senator Don Humason told 22News that crafting new laws is supposed to be a long and deliberative process, but major differences between the House and the Senate, however, are adding to the delay.

“I think there’s also some issues between the House and Senate that have slowed things down,” Humason explained, “but ultimately we’ve got to do what our constituents demand of us. And if we don’t get those things done, then they’re going to hold us accountable in November.”

State lawmakers have until the end of July to vote on controversial bills.

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