Donald Trump won the Massachusetts Republican primary

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks on Super Tuesday primary election night at the White and Gold Ballroom at The Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, March 1, 2016, as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie listens. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Businessman Donald Trump won the Massachusetts Republican presidential primary. NBC made their projection early based on the result of exit polls in the state, even though no precincts had been reporting at the time the declaration was made.

Trump has led in the polls in Massachusetts for the past several weeks, and had won an impressive victory in neighboring New Hampshire early last month. Super Tuesday has proven to be nothing less than super for Trump, who has won major primary states, such as Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Vermont, Arkansas, and Alabama. Senator Ted Cruz received his first wins since Iowa, winning in his home state of Texas, as well as neighboring Oklahoma.

The race for second place in the Mass. GOP primary has been much tighter, with Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich being separated by a margin of only eight votes at one point in the night. Rubio did win the Republican presidential caucuses in Minnesota, earning his first victory in the 2016 race.

Trump supporters gathered at Nathan Bill’s Bar and Grill in Springfield to celebrate Tuesday night. Paul Santaniello, the coordinator of the western Masachusetts Donald Trump for President campaign told 22News that he believes Trump can win Massachusetts in the general election.

“16 to 18,000 people left the Democrat party to go unenrolled. It’s the Trump effect. I think that’s going to snowball a little bit. I don’t believe western Mass will be shut out from the Donald Trump for President campaign if he’s the nominee. I fully expect us to have an office in this area if that happens,” Santaniello said.

Once all the votes have been counted we’ll know how the state’s 42 Republican delegates will be awarded. An interesting fact here that 9 out of the last 10 election cycles, the candidate who wins on Super Tuesday, goes on to win their parties nomination.

Trump supporters weren’t the only ones gathered at Nathan Bill’s, a group of Bernie Sanders supporters watched the returns come in there as well.

Donald Trump supporters are gathered at Nathan Bill's Bar and Grill in Springfield.
Donald Trump supporters are gathered at Nathan Bill’s Bar and Grill in Springfield.

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