Ex-NFL player sells Super Bowl I ring

(CNN) – A former football champ has auctioned off his ring from the very first Super Bowl.

Jerry Kramer, a former Green Bay Packer and two time Super Bowl champ, auctioned the Super Bowl I ring along with several other memorabilia. The money will go toward putting his grandchildren, nieces and nephews through college.

At 80 years young, Kramer is surrounded by his past and the present. “It’s just been such a wonderful ride,” said Kramer.

However, Kramer says he distinctly remembers how and where his story began more than half a century ago. “I did have a little dream that I was embarrassed to tell anybody about, about possibly playing professional football, but I wouldn’t subject myself to that ridicule from my teammates by mentioning it even.”

The far off dream though evolved into a career, a successful one. “Life’s been that way. It’s just been an ongoing surprise,” said Kramer.

Kramer’s 11 seasons as an offensive linemen with the Green Bay Packers was part of an unforgettable era in football. “I remember certain games and certain moments with great clarity,” said Kramer.

During his tenure, Kramer and the Packers won 5 championships in 7 years. He says his final season was the most memorable when Green Bay won Super Bowl II. “It was Coach Lombardi’s last game, it was the Ice Bowl drive, it was our last championship, and it was our third in a row. All those things put together make it more meaningful to me than the other ring,” said Kramer.

This ring is one of two that Jerry won. “I let young kids try it on every once in a while. It’s a jaw dropper,” said Kramer.

It’s now the only one he has left. Earlier this month, Kramer auctioned off his Super Bowl I ring, that and several other pieces of Packers history. “I’ve got more stuff around the house than I know what to do with, and even in the garage. I’m not a hoarder, but I’m borderline,” said Kramer.

He says the value of his stuff still surprises him. “It’s kind of confusing. You look at a football shoe; just one, you don’t get a pair. You just get the kicking shoe, and someone spends $16,000 for it,” said Kramer.

However, there are a few items Kramer will never give up, like the Super Bowl II ring. The things that simply mean the most. “My mom’s trophy cup…the best girl athlete at Jordan High School in 1928. This one is not for sale. Five million bucks, no,” said Kramer.

At 80 years old, Kramer may be surrounded by his past but he is using it to look to the future. The former packer says all of the money he made from the auction will stay with his grandson Charlie and the rest of the family. “I think to establish a fund to help some of the grandchildren, nieces, nephews or whoever it might be to get to college is one way for the whole family to grow a little bit. That’s my dream,” said Kramer.

Today there’s some new memorabilia surrounded around the Kramer household, and Jerry, a lifelong Packer, now has other loyalties. He’s Charlie’s biggest fan. Even if Charlie isn’t his. The blue in Kramer’s eyes is as bright as it was more than 50 years ago. He hopes that legacy will help make an even brighter future for those in his family just beginning their journeys.

“Here’s a guy who is just starting out,” (Kramer said of Charlie.) “The world is changing so rapidly. I wonder what he’ll see, I wonder what he’ll do. He’ll have a hell of a ride, I’ll bet you on that.”

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