What experts expect & predict for ‘Super Tuesday’

Record turnouts expected for the presidential primary election

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – “Super Tuesday” is the day voters in Massachusetts and 13 other states vote in presidential primaries.

Hilary Clinton came to Springfield on Monday for her final appeal to voters. Democratic rival Bernie Sanders traveled to Springfield and Amherst during the campaign as well, as had Republican John Kasich over this past weekend.

Secretary of State William Galvin expects voter turnout to be nearly two million statewide.

Political Consultant Tony Cignoli said the race between Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton is close, especially for a state dominated by Democrats. “The real battle here, I might like Bernie Sanders, and I like what he’s talking about, but the real battle is Donald Trump. Can Bernie beat Donald? Or is it going to take Hillary to get that done?”

Cignoli said there are 100,000 newly-registered voters in Massachusetts, and he expects most of them to cast a ballot.

More Republican voters are expected to participate this year because we have a republican Governor. Political Consultant Paul Robbins said, “He’s not supporting the front-runner Trump, but I think there’s still a heightened interest in the Republican primary in Mass., which is unusual.”

Secretary Galvin predicts 700,000 voters will cast Republican ballots Tuesday. Independent voters could be a “wild card.”

“Independents who are undecided and are voting this late, are breaking in two unique ways,” Cignoli said. “They’re thinking either Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders. They’re buying into the revolution aspect of one or the other.”

Cignoli and Robbins predict Trump and Clinton will win Massachusetts.

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