Massachusetts is 1 of 25 states to have “super lice”

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Head lice have been around for centuries, but now some of them are harder to kill. Massachusetts is among at least 25 states now dealing with “super lice,” because over-the-counter medication doesn’t always kill them.

If a child has lice, special shampoos can kill them and prevent them from breeding on your child’s head. But now, The American Academy of Pediatrics says lice have developed resistance to the ingredients. The FDA recently approved “AirAlle,” which has been used to successfully kill the super bugs, but treatments can cost as much as $170.

South Hadley School District Nurse Leader Eileen Garvey told 22News that there are other options. “Parents just really have to be vigilant about it. Definitely use whatever the pharmacist might recommend at a pharmacy for over-the-counter treatment or what the pediatrician might recommend, writing a prescription for them to use prescription strength medication.”

Garvey urges parents to tell children to never to share hats, brushes or combs. She also recommends checking kids’ hair for lice at least once a week.

‘Super lice’: What you need to know

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