Latest polls: Trump, Clinton lead ahead of Super Tuesday

Clinton leads Sanders 55% to 38% according to the poll

WASHINGTON (CNN) – A new CNN/ORC poll shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are ahead in their respective republican and democratic contests. In fact, 70-percent of the people polled said Trump and Clinton are now likely to earn their party’s presidential nominations. So how will this all play out on Super Tuesday?

A day before Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio is giving Donald Trump a taste of his own medicine, calling him a con man with a spray tan and small hands.

“We are not going to allow a con-artist to take control of the party of Lincoln and Reagan,” said Rubio.

However, the mud-slinging may be all for nothing. A new CNN/ORC poll shows that Trump is running away with the race with 49-percent support among republicans. Rubio is not even close.

Looking to close the gap, Rubio’s schedule is packed Monday, five events in four states. Donald Trump has only two.

“Donald Trump is poised to do something that neither Mitt Romney nor John McCain could do. He is poised to win on both sides of the Republican’s geographic and demographic divide,” said Ron Brownstein, Senior Editor of The Atlantic

And, on the democratic side, Hillary Clinton looks all but unstoppable coming off a big win in South Carolina.

Heading into the Super Tuesday contests, Clinton’s popularity among African-American voters is expected to help her in the southern states. Bernie Sanders says he has a shot in Minnesota, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Vermont.

“I think you’re going to see us doing, and I think the polls indicated much better among the African-American community outside of the deep South,” said Sanders.

However, nationally it will be an uphill battle for Sanders. Clinton leads Sanders 55-percent to 38-percent according to the poll. Regardless of the Super Tuesday result, sanders insists he still has a path to the nomination.

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