30 cultures, food & fun at one fest!

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – The International Food Fest at the Eastern States Exposition will be the festival of festivals and you can be a part of it! Thomas Kielbania Jr., the manager of The Kielbasa Festival, LLC promoting The International Food Festival, shared more about the festival and how you can get involved.

2016 International Food Festival
at the Eastern States Exhibition

About The Kielbasa Festival
The Northeast part of America, with the most diverse population in the world, is hosting an International Festival of Peace, Food, Music, Spirits, and Family Fun. This affordable festival kicks off the summer on Memorial Day Weekend 2016, Thursday May 26th until Monday May 30th. In 2016, we will be hosting over 30 nations representing their Culture, Food, Music, Crafts, Faiths, clothing, Beer, Wine, Cheeses, Pickles and so much more. Tickets now available!

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