Romney on Trump’s taxes: What’s he hiding?

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(CNN) – Donald Trump under pressure to release his tax returns, “I’m in no rush to do it.”  The calls are coming from an unlikely source: Mitt Romney.

It’s clear Trump is in no mood to comply.  He’s firing back on twitter, saying Mitt Romney, who was one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics, is now pushing me on tax returns, dope!

And Romney isn’t backing down, also taking to twitter to say, “methinks the Donald doth protest too much. Show voters your back taxes, @realdonaldTrump. #whatishehiding

The former political pals, now going to battle.  “We have good reason to believe that there’s a bombshell in Donald Trump’s taxes,” said Mitt Romney.

As Donald Trump tells CNN his taxes are complex and refuses to say when he’ll release them, “Nobody has been bringing it up except of Mitt Romney. And the reason he brings it up is that he lost in the last election and lost very badly.”

Romney, the 2012 republican nominee, knows all too well how damaging the tax issue can be.

He slow-walked his own release four years ago and eventually faced fire for his low tax rate and offshore accounts.

Unlike Romney, Trump’s not shy about his wealth.  He says he has 10 billion dollars in assets and raked in 362 million dollars in income in 2014.

Voters know little about his charitable giving or tax tab, issues that his opponents could use to trip up Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump’s tax plan would serve up big cuts to both the poor and the wealthy, but the candidate still insists billionaires like him who will also pay more.

“I will probably end up paying more money. But at the same time, I think the economy will do better, so I’ll make it up that way. But I will probably end up paying more money I believe in the end I might do better because I really believe the economy is going to go, ‘boom.’ Beautiful,” said Trump.

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