New version of SAT exam starts soon

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)– Nearing the end of her high school career, Kartrina Wallace has started to think about what her next step will be. “I have. I’ve been kind of looking into different colleges and like what they want me to do and I’ve been seeing if some of them will take my AP credits and stuff like that,” Wallace told 22News.

As part of that college admissions process Wallace is planning on taking the SAT exam. But students, like Katrina will now be facing a new version of the exam.

The new version of the exam which some testing professionals are calling a more text based test will be taken by students for the first time on March 5th.

The new exams will have changes to scoring, the essay portion is now optional, and calculators are not allowed for certain sections of the math exam.

Also new, is that not all colleges are weighing the SAT exam as heavily in the admissions process as they used to. Chicopee High School’s guidance counselor Jonathan Baru told 22News many universities are switching to only recommending the exam instead of requiring it.

“In general there’s kind of a movement to not count or not require the SAT. They’ll gladly take it and I think some of them still consider it a very good predictor of college performance, but also many are recognizing that many kids don’t test well in those high pressure situations,” Baru said.

Baru’s advice to students taking the SAT’s, new or old, remains the same. He says you should get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam. He also advises students to not labor over tough question. He said it’s better to get through the whole test and go back to the tough parts if there’s extra time.

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