Home tests can help you find hidden health risks

(KPRC) Tall, thin, fit or fat, your size and shape might not reveal as much as something as simple as a plank.

“If you can hold this for two minutes, this probably is a good indicator that you’ve got a good core strength,” said medical director Dr. Sujata Sharma, AFC Doctors Express.

AFC doctors warn if you cannot do this, it could mean you are carrying too much weight and adding to your health problems.

“Like back pain and numbness in the leg sometimes because you don’t have a good structure or good support system,” Sharma said.

Next, sit and stand from a seated position on the floor. The idea is to use as few body parts as possible, testing balance, flexibility and there’s a bonus.

“Doing this increases calorie burn because you’re using certain muscles,” she said. “If you can do it, it will rev up your metabolism a little bit… seems simple but when you actually sit down and do it, it’s challenging.”

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