Caught on Camera: Mass. man falls during sobriety test

The fall was caught on camera

(WCVB) – A man had court inside of his hospital room on a DUI case. Police say he ran over a pedestrian on the sidewalk, and then was so out of it during a sobriety test, he fell on his face.

Police said he was able to make it through the alphabet, but not much further. Thomas Mohan, the day after, was still recovering from taking a nasty header during a sobriety test.

One witness said, “When they were giving him the field sobriety test from one feet over the other, he fell over on his face and broke his nose.”

Police said Mohan crashed into a car and pedestrian on Washington Street. “And preceded to hit the pedestrian up on his hood and down, and knocked the pedestrian 35 or 40 feet,” said a witness.

“His vehicle was then struck in the front corner, spinning his truck complete 180 degrees pushing it onto the curbing. The car then continued for another distance before striking the pedestrian.”

Mohan is doing better than the pedestrian he allegedly struck. The 35-year-old man thrown into the air was still hospitalized in critical condition. “He had surgery to repair collapsed diaphragm and collapsed aorta. He is still in critical condition.”

Officials said Mohan had already been ordered to surrender his driver’s license before Tuesday, when he veered off Washington Street and hit a pedestrian, before slamming into a parked truck.

A spokesman for the Registry of Motor Vehicles said on Thursday that Mohan was told to surrender the license by March 4th because of another crash in Weymouth earlier this month.

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