“The Witch”

A Look at the Movies

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – For someone whose not really all that crazy about horror films, how come “The Witch” provided me with such a creepy experience?

Because “The Witch” raises the level of scary movies to a higher art form. Let’s go back to the bewitching 17th century New England, where an outcast farm family relocates to the edge of a forbidding forest.

“The Witch” puts on a master class for atmosphere and authenticity. The characters speak just as they did then, according to the diaries written in the 1600’s, recounting the creepy folk tales of the time.

The characters are drawn into a series of chilling occurrences leaving them helpless to understand. As this masterfully directed, understated shocker works its way under your skin, you realize just how powerful a well-made tale of terror can become.

Oh course, the night that I saw “The Witch”, the young audience showed no patience for this high class horror film. They had been brought up on and expected to see junk, and just couldn’t handle the quality.

A more mature audience will appreciate why I’m giving “The Witch” 4 stars.

I’m so glad “The Witch” will get the attention this classic film deserves.

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