Finder of lost wallet returned with funny note

Most of items were returned

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(CNN) – A New Yorker who lost his wallet at a concert got some of his valuables back. After the robber decided to kind-of, sort-of do the right thing.

Most of items were returned, along with a brutally honest letter that’s been called “the most New York note imaginable”.

He went to a wilco concert in Brooklyn, and when Reilly Flaherty got home he realized, uh oh, lost my wallet.

Reilly Flaherty told CNN, “I have that classic freakout moment.”

But the really freaky part happened later.

“Two weeks later this crazy envelope just shows up. Dear Reilly Flaherty. I found your wallet and your drivers license. Had your address. So here’s your credit cards and other important stuff,” said Flaherty

That’s the good news, even though Reilly had already replaced his license and credit cards. The bad news.

Kelly Ripa/host, “live with Kelly and Michael: “I kept the cash because I needed weed.”

“The metrocard because, well, the fare’s two-75 now and the wallet cause it’s kinda cool,” said Flaherty.

At least the wallet-napper has good taste, it’s a handmade leather wallet. Reilly posted the letter on social media, writing “thanks…I think.”

“Next thing you know the letter is on the front page of the paper and its being read aloud on national TV,” said Jeanne Moos.

Kelly Ripa/host, “live with Kelly and Michael: “Enjoy the rest of your day. Toodles. Anonymous (laughter, clap).”

Toodles? What kind of half Good Samaritan, half thief talks like a teenager.


“The ironic thing is that we could have been good friends. We both like wilco, indie music, same taste in wallets,” said Flaherty.

It’s such a New York thing. A little selfish, a little selfless.

Kelly Ripa/host, “live with Kelly and Michael: “Anonymous’ honesty is actually kind of charming?”

“You know we’ve got this pot smoking modern-day Robin Hood that’s out there,” said Flaherty.

Sending a hand scrawled letter with a Charlie brown stamp. Maybe that’s a clue. Maybe Charlie Brown did it.


“Good grief!”

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