B-boys bust a move to show break dancing never died

Colorado has become a prime break dancing community

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM— From flips and twirls to head spins, break dancing is a work of art.

“You’re allowed to express yourself freely. There’s no complete specific way that it needs to be done,” said Jacob Flesher, member of the dance group Soul Mechanics.

While break dancing was prominent in the ’90s and early 2000s, these B-boys, or break dancers, from the group Soul Mechanics say it never left and the culture of break dancing is stronger than ever.

“The general audience don’t have an idea that breakdancing is still around and has been around,” said Francisco Villanueva, another member of Soul Mechanics.

Local dancers say within the last five years, Colorado has become a prime break dancing community, even hosting international competitions in Boulder.

“It’s a dance where you get to express yourself, where you get to communicate with somebody else,” Flesher said.

While the dance form started in the streets, it’s now an art.

“It’s about telling a story and it really comes down to telling your story, your personal life story of who you are,” said Luis Gonzales, also a member of Soul Mechanics.

“It gives people an outlet,” Villanueva said.

So I thought I’d test out my dance moves.

“It definitely takes a lot. It takes a lot of passion, a lot of drive. It takes a lot of discipline for sure,” Gonzales said.

“There’s people out there who are hard workers from the beginning and you’re just looking at them like…” Flesher said.

So maybe I won’t compete, but I’m told any dance move could work.

“There’s a big emphasis on being original,” Gonzales said.

“Everybody gets to have their own style. I hate to describe B-boying as one thing when it can’t be, just like a painting can’t be one thing,” Flesher said.

The B-boys said anyone of any age is welcome to come out to their dance practices and give breakdancing a try. They practice on Monday nights at Ormao Studios.

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