What are some of the common causes of winter fires?

One Cause: Carelessness with heat sources

Photo courtesy Efrain Vazquez via ReportIt

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Even though unattended cooking is the top fire starter in winter time, West Springfield Fire Lt. Michael Dickson told 22News fires frequently start because people are trying to stay warm.

Lt.  Dickson cites chimney fires, wood stove problems, being careless removing ashes, and placing space heaters near flammable objects.

Most people get hurt trying to put out kitchen fires. LT. Dickson said, “A lot of the clothing we wear is hazardous these days. Its people reaching over the stoves to try and put a lid on it, or are trying to turn the stove off. Reaching over and starting your clothes on fire is definitely a hazard.”

Firefighters urge you to use common sense; never leave a wood stove, a candle, or a space heater unattended. Keep all exits and windows clear, and plan an escape route ahead of time.

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