Proposal would get rid of 5-cent bottle and can deposit

Legislation would require beverage companies to pay 1-cent fee for drink containers

BOSTON (WWLP) – Two state lawmakers want to get rid of the five-cent deposit on soda bottles and cans, a proposal they say could encourage more people to recycle.

Millbury State Senator Michael Moore has co-authored a bill that he hopes will reduce litter on the street by encouraging cities and towns to recycle more.

Senator Moore wants to eliminate the five-cent deposit on recycled soda bottles and cans. The proposed legislation would, instead, require beverage companies to pay a one-cent fee for nearly all drink containers sold here in Massachusetts for a total of three years.

Supporters believe the initiative could generate close to $135 million in one-time funds that would then be distributed to cities and towns to pay for projects that make it easier for residents to recycle.

“It would go to this trust fund and then would be given out to the cities and towns on initiatives that they would create or bring forward in ways to increase recycling,” Senator Moore said.

He added that the bill would create thousands of new jobs and could reduce litter and carbon emissions.

Opponents argue that these temporary funds won’t do much to promote recycling.

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