Candidates drop the “L” word

The Republican presidential candidates are preparing for Saturday’s primary in South Carolina

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Senator Ted Cruz looked to refocus on the issues Tuesday, releasing a plan to strengthen the U.S. military.

“Ted holds up the Bible, and then he lies about so many things. I mean, these are lies,” said Donald Trump.

Tuesday night, an all-out-war erupting in the Republican presidential race, and Donald Trump is leading the charge.

“This guy is so strident and so nasty. He’s going to lose every single state,” said Trump.

Trump and Marco Rubio accelerating their full-scale attack on Ted Cruz, slamming the Texas Senator as a liar.

“I’ve never seen another human being lie so much. He lies about everything. He’ll take your record, like I talk to you about Obamacare. He’ll say Trump loves Obamacare. How do you fight that? He says I love Obamacare. I hate Obamacare,” said Trump.

Rubio and Trump accusing Cruz of distorting their records on a litany of issues, same-sex marriage, abortion, immigration, and health care, to raise questions about their conservative credentials.

“He’s lying and I think it’s disturbing. I said that at the debate. He’s now literally just making things up,” said Rubio.

Trump is stoking the fire even more, doubling down on a potential lawsuit against the Canadian-born Cruz over his eligibility to be President unless Cruz backs off and apologizes.

“I’m thinking about it very seriously,” said Trump.

Cruz’s response to Trump: don’t hold your breath.

“As conservatives continue to coalesce behind our campaign, Donald gets angrier and angrier, and he simply begins yelling insults whenever anyone points to his record,” said Cruz.

However, it’s not the only scrum sparking the South Carolina brawl.

“South Carolina politics is rough and tumble for sure,” said Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush Tuesday hammering Trump’s temperament. “I’ll be a Commander-in-Chief, not an agitator-in-chief; not a blowhard-in-chief.”

Dismissing Rubio’s claim that he has the best foreign policy credentials in the GOP field.

“Having dealt with world leaders is a far better experience then going to some committee hearing in the Foreign Relations Committee or something like that,” said Jeb Bush.

The Republican presidential candidates are preparing for Saturday’s primary in South Carolina.

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