OK Go goes zero-gravity in new music video

What's a little nausea when paint-filled balloons are spilling their guts?

(CNN) – Don’t try this aboard your next commercial flight.

The band known for its unique videos has come a long way from their treadmill days. Now they’re treading in zero gravity in a plane above Russia.

For three weeks they practiced and performed as the plane did parabolas, climbing until it goes over the hump, creating 27 seconds of weightlessness, time to open luggage, and release a zillion balls.

The flight attendants didn’t yell. They’re actually trained aerial acrobats.

Lead singer Damian Kulash called the whole zero-g experience exciting and terrifying. “It’s a very difficult physical sensation and it just causes a lot of fear and panic.”

Russia’s S-7 airline offered OK Go the plane, in exchange for using the results in a marketing campaign.

The video “Upside Down and Inside Out” is made up of 8 periods of weightlessness, with the time in between as the plane repositions edited out.

The band members took anti-nausea drugs, but the production crew wanted to go natural.

Tim Nordwind, the band’s bassist said, “We had about 58 unscheduled regurgitations.”

But what’s a little nausea when paint-filled balloons are spilling their guts?

Damian himself never actually threw up, but he did pass out, after being spun by the flight attendants. “There’s actually footage of me, you can just see my eyes kind of twirl up and I just go limp.”

Watch Damian start to lose it as his eyes flutter. After 5 seconds or so, he regained consciousness.

“Do you want me to get you some water?” No, I want you to get me some gravity!

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