3D technology brings you inside Apollo 11

Kids stopping by say it's pretty cool

(CNN) – The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum is giving visitors a chance to get a virtual look inside Apollo 11.

You may love this to the moon and back.

It’s “one step” closer to what was happening inside Apollo 11 on its trip to the moon in 1969, both personal and technical.

Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins had lockers and designated areas holding their personal stuff. Sometimes real personal.

Curator Allan Needell says, “What’s really exciting is to be able to find a scribble on the wall with a number and be able to find the transmission in which ground control relayed up to them.”

Directions from the ground had Collins linking up with the Eagle, which took Armstrong and Aldrin to the surface of the moon.

There’s also a calendar that kept track of their dates in orbit.

All new images discovered when specialists with the Air and Space Museum sent in 3D technology, eliminating the foot traffic inside this treasure.

We wanted to get you a little closer to some of the technology that was used. Vincent Rossi scanned my hand with a 3-D laser scanner, showing the detail of this equipment.

We got a sneak peek. The images will be online in July.

3-D Imaging Specialist Adam Metallo says, “Basically anybody is going to know what it feels like to be in the command module.”

Kids stopping by say it’s pretty cool.

“One giant leap” toward what it’s like to live in a spacecraft and be the first to walk the moon.

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