What you can really expect when you’re expecting

CNN debunks some myths around pregnancy

(CNN) – If you’re pregnant, it may seem like everyone has advice to share about what you can, and cannot do, while you’re expecting, especially when it comes to what you eat.

True or false, pregnant mothers are eating for two?

According to Dr. Stacey Ehrenberg of the University Hospitals of Cleveland, “That’s actually false, unfortunately. If you have a healthy diet prior to pregnancy we would like you to increase your calories by 300 calories a day.”

Food cravings are caused by the growing baby, true or false?

Dr. Ehrenberg said, “I wish that that were true, but I have to dispel that myth. That is not true. Mom may crave that and mom may want that, but the baby doesn’t actually know what he or she needs quite yet. Babies actually need fruits and vegetables, protein and a little bit of carbohydrates, and a little bit of fat, so it can really develop in a healthy fashion.”

True or false, it’s okay to have an alcoholic beverage?

Dr. Ehrenberg said, “What we’ve really discovered through research in pregnancy is that there really is no safe level of alcohol.”

True or false, you should only drink decaf while pregnant?

Dr. Ehrenberg said, “False. So. A little bit of caffeine is certainly safe during pregnancy. Uh, usually I recommend limiting caffeine to two glasses a day, or two servings a day.”

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