Sanders supporters “feeling the Bern” as candidate leads in New Hampshire

NASHUA, N.H. (WWLP) – In New Hampshire, you can feel the excitement among the candidates, voters, and the media ahead of Tuesday’s primary. New Hampshire voters take pride in knowing they have the privilege of easily speaking face-to-face with the future president of the United States because he or she- whoever it may be- is campaigning for their vote.

Monday, 22News heard from several Republican candidates, as well as Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. He rallied a large crowd of mainly young people at Daniel Webster College in Nashua. Sanders pushed for a higher minimum wage, more affordable college, and more job opportunities. He said that he would fund these plans by holding Wall Street more accountable.

22News found many people from Massachusetts in the crowd, including a Donald Trump supporter who simply wanted to see a candidate in person.

“Why do I like Trump? Because I feel if he gets in, he’ll change the government and everything over in a year, I feel like he’s a better person, he speaks his mind when it needs to be spoken,” Jon Fitzpatrick said.

Sanders supporter Zachary Larose said that he has faith in Sanders’ message. “Me and my girlfriend, we really believe in what Bernie Sanders has to say, and I feel like he’s going to be a good president one day, if he, and hopefully he becomes one,” Larose said.

Senator Sanders still has a strong lead in New Hampshire over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose campaign 22News followed on Sunday.

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