Candidates & media take over New Hampshire every 4 years

Residents vote on Tuesday in the first in the nation presidential primary

RAYMOND, N.H. (WWLP) – Every four years, the people of New Hampshire go through this. Unlike in Massachusetts, or many other states, not only are people seeing the candidates on TV and seeing them in AD’s, but those candidates along with a large amount of news media take over the state for a week.

Some people in the state get annoyed that every four years they have to navigate the increased traffic to do their everyday activities, but one man 22News talked to said he’s not one of those people. He looks forward to hearing from the candidates.

We met Murray Scott at a Ted Cruz rally Monday afternoon and he said he’s probably not voting for Cruz, but since the event was so close to home it was worth hearing what he had to say. “That’s kind of the nice thing about living in New Hampshire, it’s a fun thing to do every four years. I’m not going to give up on anyone until the last minute so I want to hear what Cruz has to say.”

The increase in people in this area didn’t just start this week; however, one local resident told 22News they’ve noticed people out campaigning for different candidates for months. He said he actually heard Jeb Bush talk at a meet and greet three months ago.

All of this does come to an end though after tomorrow when residents will decide who they want to be the next president be.

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