Pats fans choose sides in football’s biggest game

Fans were confident the Pats could get to the Super Bowl next year

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Football fans found many ways to party Sunday night.

Some had viewing parties at their home, others went to the local bar with some buddies for a beer and seat in front of the big screen. Samuel’s Sports Bar and Restaurant in Springfield was packed with football fans looking for a place with great atmosphere to watch Super Bowl 50.

Bittersweet it was. Since the Pats lost to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship, many Patriots fans we spoke with chose a new team to root for. Patriots fans were sad their hometown team wouldn’t be on the big screen, but still came out to show their support.

22News found some brave fans who decided to rock their Patriots gear, despite the Pats not being in Super Bowl.

Diehard fan Christine Spruill of Springfield told 22News, even though the Broncos knocked New England out of the playoffs, she still had to watch the game. “So I’m hoping, sorry people, that the Carolina Panthers actually beat the Broncos, because they beat us and took us out of the Super Bowl.”

Patriot fans washed away their sorrows with drinks and bar food, still trying to get past the heartbreaking loss. Some fans didn’t hide their need for revenge. Justin Walter of Springfield said, “Tonight, I gotta roll with the Panthers, because Denver beat us, so I can’t roll with Denver. I gotta go with the Panthers.”

That fan told 22News Cam Newton deserves to win a Super Bowl ring, but he still wishes it was Tom Brady.

Fans at Sam’s Bar told 22News they are confident the Patriots will make it to the Super Bowl next year and win.

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