What to look for when deciding on a charter school education

There are over 60,000 charter schools in the U.S.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The MassMutual Center in downtown Springfield was Saturday’s destination for parents determined to have their children attend a charter school.

Many of the families attending the charter school showcase have already made up their minds. But deciding on a charter school education is easier said than done.

Lynn Koshuta, a Springfield grandparent said, “It’s very difficult to get a child into a charter school in Springfield. So I came here to see what the options were.”

Just signing up on the waiting list was the first step for some families. These are families who’ve made up their minds that a charter school is best for their children. Channel Williams said, “I think the curriculum, they do a lot for the kids they’re really kind of advanced.”

Parents learned that no two charter schools are the same. It’s free public education, but each charter school provides its own appeal to parents.

The principal of the Holyoke Community Charter School, Sonia Correa told 22News, “So many of us have some special programs, ours at Holyoke Community Charter School we focus on a pre-college program.”

And the popularity of charter schools can apparently be tracked by the number of these schools everywhere. At last count, the number of charter schools in the United States stood at more than 60,000 across the country.

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