What issues will the candidates talk about Saturday night?

Gun control, education top issues going into New Hampshire primary

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WWLP) – New Hampshire voters go to the polls in just a couple of days, and a substantial number of them still haven’t made up their minds.

Saturday night’s debate will focus on a variety of issues that are on voters’ minds. It is being held in partnership between the Republican National Committee and Google, which has been tracking what voters are most interested in hearing about.

In New Hampshire, Google found that these five issues are most important to likely Republican primary voters:

  1. Gun control
  2. Education
  3. ISIS
  4. Immigration
  5. Economy

These issues are fairly consistently popular across the country, but some other subjects that may be talked about tonight may deal with issues more specific to New Hampshire. An example may be the prescription drug and heroin addiction crisis. Like western Massachusetts, New Hampshire has seen a large and ever-increasing number of heroin overdose deaths in recent years. The issue came up during recent Democratic debates in New Hampshire, and Republican candidates have been touching on the subject as they campaigned throughout the state.

According to Google, other top issues that concern Republican primary voters across the country include taxes and the Affordable Care Act- commonly referred to as “Obamacare.” Additional issues likely to come up during the debate include abortion, LGBT rights, and the United States’ relationship with Russia.

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