Super Bowl sales: Time for a new TV?

1 in 4 Americans will be looking for a new TV during Super Bowl sales

(NBC News) An estimated 189 million people will tune in to the big game this weekend, and many will be watching on a brand new TV.

One in four Americans in the market for a new set are hitting up Super Bowl sales, and for good reason. The days before the Super Bowl usually bring big deals.

But deciphering the specs can be confusing.

“Our advice is to buy a TV not just because it’s the lowest priced set, but because it’s the lowest priced set that’s going to deliver the kind of quality that you’re looking for,” says Jim Willcox of Consumer Reports.

Ultra HD, also known as 4K, offers more detail than regular high definition TVs, but it’s tougher to notice on sets smaller than 60 inches, and 4K isn’t even a factor this weekend. The Super Bowl won’t be broadcast in that format.

Consumer Reports recommends looking at a TV from several angles before purchasing to make sure the picture quality looks good.

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