Mass. girl killed by falling tree branch

Canton's police and fire chiefs urged residents to stay inside following the accident

(CNN) – “She was playing with her dad, like they always do in the snow,” said Laurie Moore, the aunt of a young girl who was killed while playing in the snow.

The family of Kaleigh Kenyon prayed all afternoon that the 6-year-old girl critically injured after being hit by a falling tree limb would recover.

“She’s 6, and this is very traumatic for my family,” Laurie said.

Her brother, Nicholas Kenyon, was outside when the branch, at least 30 feet above, cracked off and fell, striking Kaleigh and pinning her.

Nicholas said: “she was running out, and she was like, ‘oh, daddy, let’s go make a snowman,’ and then the next thing I know, a tree broke and fell on her, and he and I just ran to it, trying to lift her out of there and almost couldn’t.”

A neighbor heard Kaleigh’s dad’s screams and helped them pull her out, performing CPR on an unconscious Kaleigh as police and firefighters arrived.

“They were shoveling, and then they heard my dad screaming, so they just came running out and over. They were over here in a snap,” said Nicholas.

Kaleigh was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with serious trauma to her upper body.

The family would find out less than five hours later Kaleigh was gone.

Canton’s police and fire chiefs had urged residents to stay inside following the accident.

The heavy snow dangerously dropped branches across roads and left power lines hanging low throughout the town.

But what happened to Kaleigh could’ve happened to any kid who was simply enjoying a snow day.

Ken Berkowitz, Chief of the Canton Police Department, said: “It’s obviously it’s one of those tragic, freak accidents.”

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