Coldplay’s new music video sparks debate

Critics call the latest music video a series of clichés

(CNN) – It’s the video that’s taking the internet by storm; 21 million hits on YouTube within the first four days, and number 1 on iTunes in India.

“Thank you to the people of India for making us feel so welcome,” tweeted British band Coldplay. However, in India, where the video was filmed, some people are showing it less love.

Mihir Joshi, a Mumbai based musician, said, “Godmen, check. Kids dressed as gods, check. Colors, bright, bright colors, check. Slums, check.”

Like Joshi, many people in India say the video reinforces age-old stereotypes of India, and doesn’t show India as it is today. “Tried to count the India clichés. Gave up after first 30 seconds,” says this tweet.

Joshi said, “When you become a band as big as Coldplay, you have to have a little responsibility towards showing something which is relatively accurate.”

I asked popular Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor who appears in the video, and what she thinks of the controversy? She replied, “Some people are loving it, some aren’t. In art, any discussion is a good discussion. We as Indians, we use a lot of westernization in our films and our music videos and everything. No one speaks of us offending other people’s sensibilities. But they are showing a part of India which exists.”

This is the village where Coldplay shot most of its music video, and while there’s a raging debate about it in other parts of India, here, no one cares. No one even knows what ‘Coldplay’ is.

For Coldplay, a little bit of controversy, is translating into a lot of clicks in one of the world’s fastest growing online markets.

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