Witness takes photos of carjacking, posts on social media

(CNN) – As one person called police to report an apparent carjacking, a photographer nearby got out his camera and started taking photos.

The man then posted the images on Facebook, hoping someone would be able to identify the alleged suspect.  In broad daylight, a woman is torn from a vehicle.

Photographer: “What was going through my mind is I hope someone comes out and stops this guy.”

Not showing his face on camera, but he was the man behind a camera that caught the violent interaction near 41st and Lloyd.

Photographer: “I took the picture of the struggle in hopes that somebody would identify the people, especially the guy.”

While someone else called for help, this man snapped photos to document it.

Photographer: “I saw male and female tussling for the keys.”

Tasha sills also heard the commotion, “I heard a lot of yelling and screaming, ‘get off of me.’ ‘leave me alone.'”

Photographer: “The lady was able to get in her car the man stuck his hand through the windshield, snatched the car keys about of the ignition that where the tussle come in, where he opens the door. They’re fighting inside the car. He grabs her out.”

Photographer:  “There was a citizen who tried to intervene, but it didn’t do any good.”

The man gets the keys and drives off, leaving the woman in an alley, and she left the area, too.

The photographer posted the incident on social media, “I thought that with me exposing this picture, there would be some kind of dialogue about, ‘what can we do to stop victimizing each other?'”

It’s a question Sills asks herself, “It’s sad that this stuff is still going on and that we’re too scared to help, because you don’t know what could happened. I wish there was a little bit more I could have did at the time it happened.”

Police are still investigating the incident and, at this point, have not charged anyone with a crime.

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