Where’s Winter?

warm Vermont
Unusually mild temperatures have many Vermonters wondering which season they're in.


(NECN) This is the 11th least snowy winter on record in the Burlington, Vermont, area, through this point in the season, according to data from the National Weather Service.

So far this season, Burlington has seen 19.2″ of snow, but most of it has melted, especially after a recent stretch of mild days and rain. Since record-keeping started in 1895, ten other winters have seen less snow through this point in the season.

Rick Marsh, a maple syrup producer in Jeffersonville, says the recent mild temperatures created conditions that enabled him to collect sap and boil it down to syrup.

“The trees don’t look at the calendar, as I say, they look at the weather,” Marsh explains.

Sap doesn’t usually start running from maple trees until closer to spring, but Marsh was able to take advantage of the weather to get a jump-start on producing Vermont’s signature product, maple syrup.

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