The world’s ugliest sports car

(CNN) – The name of a car might be a lot easier to change than the way it looks, check out what’s being called the ugliest car ever made.

They’re fast, they’re furious and usually imported from Europe, but soon, the gulf may have a supercar of its own.

Meet the Elibriea, unveiled in Qatar.  It was designed and built in Doha, the brainchild of Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, a Texas A&M engineering graduate.

The concept took two and a half years to build and lots of money, though Ziaullah won’t say how much.

He got funding from Qatar’s national research fund and a local business, eager to see it hit the market.

“This idea won’t stop here at the prototype stage, he says. It has big potential to grow,” said Imad Hashim.

The car has a V8, 525 horsepower “made in Qatar” engine.

“It is a very nice and modern concept, he says.  It’s a good development and accomplishment for the country,” said Mohamed Attiya.

Not everyone, though, likes the jet-like design.  Some on social media even calling it “hideous” and “the world’s ugliest car”.

But at least the Elibriea would be in good company, one popular auto review site calling this high-powered Lamborghini the ugliest car of all time.

Ziaullah says he’s taking it all in stride, “The fact that there are a large group of people who love the design is enough for me to pursue it on the development stage.

He’s hoping his fast car will sell big and roll off local lots later this year.

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