The super budget of the Super Bowl

(CNN) – Hard to believe, the super bowl is almost here.  As an event, Forbes says the super bowl is the most valuable sports event in the world.

For Super Bowl 50, the NFL is expected to make at least 620 million dollars.  That’s even more than last years fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather .

If you want to go to the big game, it’s going to cost you.  Seat-geek predicts this super bowl to be the most expensive ever on resale ticket sites.

The lowest price on seat geek right now runs in the 35-hundred dollar range, but a listing on the 50-yard line costs as much as a new car, 16,600 dollars.

You’re going to have to pay up when you look for hotels in the area that is if you can get a room.  Some places jacked up the prices six times the normal rate.

Companies wanting to cash in will also have to pay a pretty penny.  A 30 second commercial during the game costs 5 million.  That’s a couple hundred thousand dollars more than last year.

CBS, the network carrying the game, expects to make 350 million dollars, just from ads alone.

Some of the big spenders, Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, and Coke.

One group that won’t get paid?  Coldplay.  But don’t cry for the Super Bowl half-time performer.  It’s still good for business.

Last year, more than 118 million people watched the Super Bowl half-time show.  In fact, on average, more people watched the performance than the game itself.

So for last year’s performer, Katy Perry, that free gig turned into a 12 minute commercial.  As you watch this game or just the commercials try not to think about the green.

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