Raising awareness about internet safety

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – February 9th is Safer Internet Day, a global event involving more than 100 countries involving education and awareness around online safety.David Ryan Polgar is a Digital Family Expert at ASKfm and he joins us with important details.

Here are three tips for a Safer Internet

1. Play Your Part for a Better Internet

We, as users of social media and the Internet in general, have a crucial role in molding its overall environment. Part of being an digital citizen is being safe, savvy, and ethical in how we interact online. This includes not contributing to abusive behavior and content, flagging misuse, and prompting others to be respectful online. Your voice is powerful in shaping the Internet.

2. Keep up a Regular Family Tech Talk

How often is your family talking about your tech use? A major struggle right now is that parents often feel overwhelmed by the rapid changes occurring in how their children utilize social media. What might have been relevant last year may be passe today; just as parents check in with their children about their offline lives, they should check in about their online lives. To today’s digital natives, there is little distinction between the offline and online.

3. Get Involved With Your School

Both parents and educators play a crucial role in teaching children how to be digital citizens, and promoting a safer Internet. But is the left-hand talking to the right-hand? Parents should get involved with their school and find out what is, or isn’t, be taught. Social media knows no physical boundaries or time boundaries, so it is in everyone’s best interests to work together in crafting a solution. Educators, students, and parents are all stakeholders whose voices need to be heard.

David Ryan Polgar is the Digital Family Expert for ASKfm (the world’s largest Q&A social network), and cofounder of the Digital Citizenship Summit.

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