Playboy’s first non-nude issue hits stands

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In this Nov. 15, 2007 photo, Hugh Hefner smiles while signing copies of the Playboy calendar and Playboy Cover To Cover: The 50's DVD box set in Los Angeles. Playboy will no longer publish photos of nude women as part of a redesign of the decades-old magazine, according to a news report Monday, Oct. 12, 2015. Executives for the magazine company told The New York Times that the change will take place in March 2016. Playboy editor Cory Jones contacted founder and current editor in chief Hugh Hefner recently about dropping nude photos from the print edition and he agreed, the Times reported. (Ian West/PA via AP) UNITED KINGDOM OUT

(CNN) – Playboy models are not known for what they wear, but that could change with the magazine’s latest issue.

“We’re going to add more mystery to the pages of playboy,” said Chief content officer, Cory Jones.

Playboy’s radical reinvention is on newsstands now. What’s changed? The models are keeping their clothes on.

Getting the first ever non-nude issue of playboy ready for prime time hasn’t been easy.

“That’s true, we’ve been doing double duty. We’ve been putting out, you know, four or five months’ worth of issues while also really tearing the magazine down to its core DNA. So there’s a lot of just rethinking what we do in the magazine every month,” said Editorial Director, Jason Buhrmester.

Gone from the magazine, the tag line ‘entertainment for men’, along with the stodgy jokes page. The magazine even feels different:  It’s bigger with thicker paper, and the photography leaves a little more to the imagination.

Like other magazines playboy is struggling. Internet porn has sapped playboy’s circulation. But no nudity opens the door to new advertisers, like dodge. But playboy’s critics say the strategy is a mistake.

“I know Hefner’s getting old, because he’s 90 years old, but I didn’t know he lost his mind. Think playboy felt they had to go in a different direction. The problem is, there’s not another direction,” said Larry Flynt.

“Hef has not lost his mind. He is leading the creative re-positioning of playboy to make it as relevant today for millennial males as when he launched playboy magazine in the 50s. We just think we’ve transcended beyond the need for nudity,” said CEO Scott Flanders.

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