Managing your pigskin pigout!

Super Bowl parties offer plenty of tempting treats, but snacking doesn't have to be unhealthy.

(NBC News) As the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers hit the field Sunday most of America will be hitting the buffet line.

The typical Super Bowl smorgasbord is so immense that some estimate a person can consume as many as 2,000 calories on game day.

“I’ll start my diet the following morning.”

One of the biggest culprits is the chicken wing.

“Chicken wings are basically calorie and fat grenades,” says UH Case Medical Center dietitian Lisa Cimperman.

Three to five of the little guys can have as many as 300 calories, and no one only eats three to five wings.

Cimperman suggests replacing wings with chicken tenders. Also, swap out sour cream in dips for Greek yogurt and stick with light beer.

“The higher the alcohol content of the beer, the higher the calorie content of the beer,” Cimperman explains.

And the best defense against an entire bowl of chips and dip ending up on your “end zone” is a plate. Experts say fill it up once, then turn your back on the buffet table and get back into the game.

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