Eversource will trim trees in danger of hitting power lines

Eversource Energy maintains 3,400 miles of overhead wires

NORTHAMPTON, Mass (WWLP) – Wednesday night’s powerful winds knocked out power to thousands of western Massachusetts customers, but some of those power outages could have been avoided.

According to Eversource Energy, if you see a tree near a power line, you should contact them immediately. Eversource Energy maintains 3,400 miles of overhead wires, in 59 communities in western Mass. Wednesday’s wind storm put 6,000 electric customers in darkness.

Trees and branches take down wires in high winds, but who do you call first? “I’d probably call my landlord first because its his property, so I would let him know whats going on,” Gabe Enz of Northampton told 22News.

Eversource wants to engage its customers in prevention. They offer a free tree trimming service, getting rid of risky branches before they become a problem.

Senior Arborist Calvin Leyton said Eversource keeps up tree maintenance; “We’re in front of everyone’s home once every four years, consistent like clock work. We trim the circuits. We’ve been doing this since 2007 and we have a really effective tree program to mitigate risks.”

If your an Eversource customer and you notice a tree is in danger of falling on a power line, all you have to do is simply call Eversource customer service and they’ll take care of it. Eversource has certified tree crews.

Eversource has certified tree crews. Before any work can be performed on private property, Eversource must first notify home owners, except when a tree poses a serious threat to power lines.

If you have a dead or insect-infested tree that’s right next to your home or could interrupt power lines, you can call Eversource and they will take it down for free.

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