Suspected drug dealer locked himself in a McDonald’s bathroom

The suspected allegedly tried to flush the drugs

James Michon (Image Credit: Springfield Police Department)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Three Chicopee residents were arrested in Springfield’s North End this week after detectives caught them in a drug deal in a McDonald’s parking lot.

According to Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney, detectives were watching the McDonald’s parking lot at 2392 Main Street on Thursday. Around 5:20 p.m., they saw three suspects in a black Honda Accord conducting an alleged drug deal.

Dannielle Dutton and Dana Dore (Image Credit: Springfield Police Department)
Dannielle Dutton and Dana Dore (Image Credit: Springfield Police Department)

Sgt. Delaney said as the detectives were starting to move in, one of the suspects, 27-year-old James Mchon, walked into the McDonald’s. The other two in the car, Dannielle Dutton and Dana Dore, both 21-years-old, were arrested. Sgt. Delaney said the two woman had six bags of heroin.

The detectives then rushed into the McDonald’s and found Michon locked inside the bathroom. Sgt. Delaney said the manager opened the door, and the detectives saw Mchon allegedly flushing at least 50 bags of heroin down the toilet.

Michon was charged with Distribution of Heroin, and Dutton and Dore were charged with Possession of Heroin. All three are from Chicopee. They were arraigned on Friday in Springfield District Court.

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