Belchertown school employee lost job because of gun incident

Employee wanted to ask another worker how to clean the gun

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – An employee at the Chestnut Hill Community School in Belchertown is out of a job, following an incident in which that worker brought a gun to school.

The Belchertown superintendent’s office confirmed for 22News they sent out robocalls at 2:30 Friday afternoon, notifying parents that person is no longer employed by the school department.

Belchertown Police showed up after a report of a gun inside Chestnut Hill Community School. The unloaded gun was brought in by a school district employee earlier this month that wanted to ask another employee how to properly clean it.

The employee, who was asked about cleaning the gun, notified school officials. “From what I understand from the superintendent, after that, the employee and her got back together, and then came up with something that was mutually beneficial for all parties involved,” Richard Fritsch, the Chairman of the Belchertown School Committee, told 22News.

The employee who brought the gun was on paid leave during the investigation.

Belchertown Public Schools Superintendent Karol Coffin released a statement to parents Friday, announcing this latest development. The statement reads:

The incident on January 13th at Chestnut Hill Community School, where an employee inappropriately brought in an unloaded weapon, has been brought to closure. The person involved is no longer employed by the Belchertown School Department. Thank you for your patience and feedback in regard to the district’s handling of the situation.”

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