Student receives fine for having a liquor bottle lamp

"I was a bit shocked and taken back," said Valdes. "I don't do anything. I follow the rules."

(WPTV) – A Florida Atlantic University sophomore is facing a hefty fine and community service, all because of a lamp.

Sophomore Christopher Valdes was written up for having a lamp that was made out of a recycled liquor bottle in his dorm room.

He now has a warning on his student record and a hefty $150 fee to pay.

That fee, he says, is for a mandatory online alcohol education course, and on top of that he has to do five hours of community service.

“I was a bit shocked and taken back,” said Valdes. “I don’t do anything. I follow the rules.”

Valdes says an RA doing a regular room check of the dorms on the Jupiter campus wrote him up for having alcohol paraphernalia in his room. The violation specified “Bombay lamp.”

“There’s a hole at the bottom. It’s plugged in. It’s a lamp,” said Valdes.

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