Poll: More whites view racism as a problem

44% of whites say criminal justice system is biased against African Americans

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A growing number of white Americans are joining people of color in saying that something needs to be done about racism.

New national polling data shows more whites share a long-held view that racism is a problem, and needs to be confronted. The shift comes as the Black Lives Matter movement continues to expand.

Locally, a banner with the Black Lives Matter message hangs outside Northampton City Hall, and several local churches.

Incidents of alleged unnecessary use of force on the part of police, new technologies documenting these incidents, and the rise of social media have combined to bring more attention to the issue.

People 22News spoke with Thursday say they see racism here in western Massachusetts

“It’s time for people to pay attention. It’s easy in a little protected town like this to not really feel that it’s a problem. But even that kind of thing exists here too,” Ann Woodhull of Northampton said.

“Women and people of color deal with the same thing,” Michael Burne of Greenfield said. “There’s biases that have occurred over the years.”

According to the New York Times, 44% of whites and 77% of African Americans believe that the criminal justice system is biased against blacks.

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