Paralyzed football player talks about injury

(CNN) – For the first time, we are hearing from an Oklahoma high school football player paralyzed from the chest down while playing the game he loved.

For much of the time since that October night, Hudson haws has been undergoing treatment at a spinal rehab facility in Colorado.

“I don’t know.  I look back on it a lot,” said Hudson Haws.

He’s watched that play dozens of times, looking for something out of the ordinary. Something wrong other than the outcome and he can’t.

“Yeah.  I mean it wasn’t, it wasn’t a fault of anyone, so, it just happened,” Haws continued.  “We got, like, the highest-pressure wheels.”

Hudson haws spent much of the three months since that accident working harder than he ever has in his life.  Struggling with the small, incremental improvements that mark recovery from severe spinal injuries.

As Hudson explores his new bedroom and the family gets used to a newly-remodeled first floor donated by friends and supporters,

Hudson’s father talks about the miracles that have already occurred with the outpouring of care and generosity, “It is humbling and overwhelming emotionally as the support that we’ve received.”

As his son continues to recover, he is confident the miracles haven’t stopped, “I believe that Hudson is going to walk again.  I’m not in charge of that timeline.  If I was, we would’ve taken care of this October 23rd.”

Hudson’s new bedroom comes with a couple of signed footballs.  He’s anxious to visit with friends at school instead of sharing his sour candy at home, “My friends filled that jar for me, except I barely ate any of it.”

And he still finds himself wishing for that old independence, “And it especially helps I’m back now.  So I can hang out with them like I used to and, I mean it just motivates me to keep getting better.”

His confidence and inner strength come from the spinal patients he worked with while he was away.  The Haws say their faith in god gets them through too.  As they wait for miracles with Hudson, so many have already come.

Friday night lights shine on in fund-raiser after fundraiser, and donations from friends they never met.  As Hudson Haws’ recovery continues, so do the efforts at raising money and support for the teen and his family.

A concert in his honor is scheduled for Saturday and a second fundraiser next month at an Oklahoma church will feature four Heisman trophy winners from the University of Oklahoma.

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