“Millionaire’s tax” proposal moving forward with lawmakers

Plan for 4% surtax on incomes over $1M is still far from becoming a reality, however

BOSTON (WWLP) – Massachusetts millionaires could be paying some extra state taxes in the next couple of years. State lawmakers gave their initial approval of a bill that would establish a 4% surtax on annual income exceeding $1 million.

An extra tax would require a change to the state constitution, which means it would need approval from voters on a ballot question, as well as approval of the Legislature.

If it becomes law, supporters say it would generate more than $2 billion in revenue that would be spent on education and transportation projects in Massachusetts.

State Rep. Jay Kaufman (D-Lexington) calls the idea an issue of fairness. “The way our system is set up with property taxes, sales taxes, and a flat income tax- results in a tax burden- a disproportionate tax burden- on the middle class and the poor among us,” Kaufman said.

Opponents argue, however, that an added-on “millionaire’s tax” would prevent major corporations from moving to Massachusetts.

The proposal is still far away from becoming law, however. A question on the proposal could appear on the statewide ballot in 2018.

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