It’s not too soon to be thinking about taxes

It is however, too early to file if you don't have all the right paper work.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Taxes may not be due for another three months, but it’s not too soon to be thinking about them.

It is however, too early to file if you don’t have all the right paperwork.

“It’s still coming in, their W-2’s, there are some people who have employers and they didn’t receive their W-2’s yet, and we’re still within the window of them receiving it, or 1099’s etc. So now they should be compiling their information,” said Paul Mancinone, a Tax Attorney and CPA.

The amount of forms you need to collect for your taxes can be overwhelming, Mancinone suggests you take a tax return form and go down the list to help you get organized.

If you have yet to receive your W-2 and don’t by the end of the month, Mancinone said not to panic, employers will eventually get them out to you.

Business owner JoAnne Locke told 22News that she makes sure her employees can be ready for tax season.

“We own a small business, Main Street Deli in Agawam. As soon as January 1st comes, we start thinking taxes. We have to get those W-2’s out, it’s quite an operation. As a small business owner and having time to spend in the business and also get all the paper work done,” Locke said.

It also important to do your homework when choosing a tax preparer.

“How do you chose a preparer, he should be credentialed, whether it be an enrolled agent which is recognized by the IRS, A CPA, an attorney that does tax returns,” Mancinone said.

Taxpayers here in Massachusetts will have an extra few days to file taxes because of multiple holidays. While “Tax Day” is traditionally April 15, the deadline to file this year is April 19.

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