Facebook expanding the “like” button to express new emotions

They're already testing the new emotions in certain countries overseas

(MGN Online)

NORTHAMPTON Mass. (WWLP) – Facebook users will soon have a new way to express themselves. Everyone we talked said they like the changes. The change is that ‘like’ won’t be the only emotion to click on.

Facebook will soon be rolling out six new emotions. The iconic ‘like’ button with a thumbs up symbol has been a Facebook staple, a way to show your approval of a post. But some people felt it was too limiting.

So Facebook is adding symbols for angry, sad, wow, haha, yay, and love.

Evan Castelli said, “If somebody posts like a sad status or picture it’s kind of weird to like it, so it’s good to be able to express more emotions.”

Sydney Lippiello told 22News, “You get to express how you are feeling on Facebook and to see what different people think of what the post is.”

Facebook has 1.6 billion users. They’re already testing the new emotions in certain countries overseas. Facebook hasn’t said exactly when the changes would take affect here in the U.S.

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