Why the Gill-Montague Bridge was closed for part of Wednesday

This most likely won't be the last closure on the Gill-Montague Bridge

FILE photo of Gill-Montague Bridge

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – Drivers who needed to go between Gill and Turners Falls had to go the long way Wednesday morning.

The Gill-Montague Bridge was closed for repairs. The reason why the bridge is so important is because it serves as the main artery between the two towns. One women who drove in from Boston had to search for another way into town. “We couldn’t get across the bridge. So we had to shoot way beyond it and come back around to come back into town,” said Nina Garfinkle.

The bridge was scheduled to be closed between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., but the bridge had already re-opened by the time 22News arrived at 12:15. “The bridge really controls a lot of the traffic that comes on Avenue A. So to close it down, even for a few hours, it can cause a lot of people to be late if they have that specific time gap that they need to be to or from work,” said Zackary Pecia of Turners Falls.

Drivers who needed to get across the river had to go through Greenfield or take the French King Bridge between Gill and Erving. “I pretty much just use the bridge to come to Turners; most of my friends are here. Other than that, I work in Greenfield so I have alternative routes,” said Jessica Gaines of Gill.

This most likely won’t be the last closure we’ll see on this bridge because the rehabilitation project won’t be completed until this summer.

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