Survey: 10% of college grads believe Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court

Judge Judy: “Dumb ideas come from people who have dumb brains.”

(CNN) – The world’s most famous TV judge, Judge Judy, just got elevated to the Supreme Court, at least in the minds of college grads quizzed about the Court’s members.

How dumb are we?

Judge Judy: “Dumb ideas come from people who have dumb brains.”

Brains so dumb that almost 10 percent of college grads think Judge Judy serves on the Supreme Court.

Just like the time an earthquake shook her courtroom. The thought that college grads think Judge Judy sits on the Supreme Court sent shockwaves through society.

The statistic came from a survey of 1000 college grads done for a report called “a crisis in civic education.” maybe the grads fell for Jimmy Kimmel’s lie witness news.

What do you think of president obama’s decision to appoint Judge Judy to the Supreme Court?

“Well it’s controversial.”

“I just think it’s a publicity stunt.”

“Judge Judy she a gangsta, you gotta give her that.”

The 10 percent statistic inspired tweets such as “you raised stupid kids!”

But college grads may not be quite as dumb as this makes them sound. Consider how the question was framed.

“Which of the following people serves on the U.S. Supreme Court? Elena Kagan, Lawrence Warren Pierce, John Kerry, Judith Sheindlin.” The thing is, most people had no idea who Judith Sheindlin is.

And if you answered “uhhhhh” to this multiple choice question.

Judge Judy: “Uh is not an answer. Um. Um is not an answer.”

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