Schemers are pretending to be your Facebook friends

Always be careful when providing personal information online

DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – People should always be careful with their personal information online, especially, on social media.

Deerfield Police are reporting there’s a scheme out there that’s asking people for their bank account information. The schemers send you a Facebook message disguised as one of your friends, saying they just got money from a grant to help disabled people.

The message than goes on to ask for your help by texting them your bank account information. They say they’re going to deposit the money, when what they’ll really do is take all of your money.

James Brissette of Amherst said, “People start to get a little too comfortable and relaxed, a little bit more trusting. I think, rightly, the burden should go back to Facebook and those developers to tighten up their security measures.”

Deerfield Police are warning everybody who uses Facebook to be cautious of suspicious messages like that, even if you believe the message is from a friend because it may be someone disguised as your friend. And of course, always be careful when providing personal information online, like your bank account number.

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